9 Property Blogs Worth Reading

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

1. Pumped on Property – http://pumpedonproperty.com.au

If you’re keen to understand the path to financial freedom through building a valuable property portfolio, there are tips galore at this insightful blog.

Ben Everingham is a professional buyer’s agent and successful property investor and his knowledge of the property sector means he shares info-rich articles that show you how to make strategic moves as a property investor. Expect detailed content and a smattering of news updates to let you know how the real estate market is evolving. It’s not updated daily but does refresh a few times a month, so it’s good to revisit and learn.


2. Smart Property Investment Magazine – http://www.spionline.com.au/blog

The tagline of this publication is ‘by investors, for investors’ and the content is ideally suited to anyone with an interest in investing in property.

The articles range from how-to guides on affordable renovations, to how to choose the right tradesperson but don’t expect lots of detail. It tends to be light on truly valuable information but can still be useful to spark ideas and inspire you to do your own deeper research to dig for the right answers you’ll need on your property investment journey. The content is updated several times a day.


3. Michael Yardney’s Property Update – http://propertyupdate.com.au

This informative blog is jam-packed with relevant, current updates – with as many as several new posts each day. The articles are easy to digest and don’t take long to read – perfect for busy people keen to keep an eye on the property market. Don’t look here for life-changing advice-style articles but definitely worth reading to learn more about the dynamic real estate market.


4. Australian Property Investor Magazine blog – http://www.apimagazine.com.au/content

This popular local magazine has a strong online presence, with an informative blog that is updated a few times each week. Just don’t expect an online version of the magazine here – this is a different thing all together, with unique, quality content.

The free content is practical, relevant and informative, with the bulk of articles addressing the changes in the industry, such as  market updates, news about interest rates, up-to-date statistics and some articles that share tips on better investment strategies.


5. On Property – https://onproperty.com.au

The path to that sought-after financial freedom promise is outlined here in tips and articles that are updated multiple times each day. The Positive Property blog is also a podcast and the topics that are tackled take in everything from personal finance tips, to successful investment strategies.

The team behind it are ambitious and have their sights set on creating Australia’s number 1 property investment-related blog. The benefit to you is that commitment – with new things posted all the time, there is a lot to learn.


6. Property Investing (Steve McKnight) – https://www.propertyinvesting.com

The clear focus here is on helping people become a better property investor.

The approach to help you understand the way to create a life as a competent and confident property investor is supported by regular updated articles, as well as various forums that encourage people to chat and connect with each other to share ideas and knowledge.


7. Barefoot Investor – https://barefootinvestor.com

To be fair, this blog is about much more than just real estate-related tips and property investment news.

The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape, has built a reputation as someone who understands how to educate Australians to manage their finances more effectively and he is focused on sharing that knowledge with anyone he can.

You might have read his articles in various publications but having them here in one easy-to-access spot puts sound investment strategies at your fingertips.


8. Everyday Property Investing – http://www.everydaypropertyinvesting.com/key-articles/

Primarily, the information to access here is via a podcast.

Everyday Property Investing is about Australian property investing. Each episode runs for an hour, so it is an investment of time but the information on offer can reward you – provided you can put up with the ongoing banter between the host, Kaz, and her changing rotation of co-hosts.

The blog itself is only updated infrequently but is a handy adjunct to the tips shared on the podcast.

The best way to access a variety of their interesting articles is via the ‘key articles’ link provided above.


9. Realestate.com.au – http://www.realestate.com.au/advice/10-tips-getting-started-property-investment/

 There is a wealth of property-related content on this popular site and if you want to learn more about property investment, specifically, you could easily spend hours trawling through page after page of curated content filled with tips, fresh ideas and genuine strategies. It’s updated constantly, which makes it the perfect place to keep going back to see what’s happening in the property market.


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