Loans Actually – The Home of Successful Brokers

We are a Membership

Loans Actually brings together a team of mortgage brokers (both large groups and smaller or single operators) who have become known and respected within the industry as the ultimate broker team of successful brokers.

Loans Actually has been built around the principles and promotion of a team environment and encourages and assists our membership forge friendships and relationships with other industry professionals. In keeping with this team focus, we also provide regular and ongoing single/group team training sessions.

We also ensure our membership is kept up to date with the latest in compliance and regulation requirements.

You Deal With Industry Recognised Professionals

Loans Actually has won the (MFAA) Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (formerly MIAA) Excellence Award – Broking Business of the Year (6+ Writers)

One of our initial members and alliance partners is Lending Specialists Pty Ltd, who’s Director, Barry Oxley is PLAN Australia’s longest serving mortgage broker in Australia.

Barry and his mortgage broking company have won numerous PLAN Australia awards and he is highly respected in the mortgage broking industry.

Life Insurance Company Support

We have also have agreements with life risk insurance advisory companies who will be available to provide advice on Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection, Superannuation products etc.

Large Aggregator Support

PLAN Australia is one of Australia’s largest loan aggregators and they have also offered their full support to Loans Actually in developing our membership group through access to their training, compliance, software and marketing tools. These are in conjunction with and additional to those tools provided directly by Loans Actually.

Additional Lending Opportunities

Lending Specialists has staff experienced in a wide range of Residential, Commercial Lending, Equipment Finance and Personal Loans and they will be available to assist with any of these types of lending enquiries. You will be financially rewarded for any successfully funded referrals to these areas. (Refer to our membership agreement for full details).

On-going Development of Alliance Agreements

We understand the importance of diversification and providing a more complete package to our clients, and so will remain proactive in the search for more, well respected professionals that will provide added value to our membership.

This makes Loans Actually one of the most unique member groups in Australia, and you are invited to become a member.

The beauty of this opportunity is that the business remains yours and you retain your own identity.