Our Vision

To create the most successful mortgage broker team in Australia where everyone wins.

Our Values

Respectful towards:
• other Loans Actually Members
• all associates of Loans Actually
• our PLAN Australia Partners and their staff
• all lender BDM’s, their credit and sales support staff

To act in an honest and forthright manner at all times and to:
• not encourage or participate in fraud nor any other illegal activity
• complete all necessary identity and responsible lending checks to protect themselves, Loans Actually, PLAN Australia, the lenders and their clients

To be supportive towards Loans Actually and our members at all times through:
• active participation in Loans Actually activities, sessions and projects
• the meeting of all Loans Actually, PLAN Australia, Lender and Licencing organisation expectations

To maintain professional standards at all times through:
• the presentation of a professional business to your clients
• representation of Loans Actually in a professional manner at all times, abiding by common decency expectations when dealing with others
• deliverance of the service levels expected and meet minimum standards of all partners

To be respectful of other people, their opinions and beliefs by:
• considering that each person has the right to an opinion or position on an issue which may not agree with yours
• allowing others to voice that opinion or stand by that position in a respectful manner
• ensuring you do not verbally, physically or materially present opinions which have the possibility of causing offence to others. This could be of a religious, cultural or physical nature.

To create the most successful mortgage broker team in Australia where everyone wins.

Our Mission Statement

Loans Actually is a team of mortgage brokers who will become the most successful loan writing group within Australasia.

Our brokers will be part of a team that offers strong leadership and is well respected throughout the lending industry.

The ultimate goal is to see everyone involved become financially successful due to their experiences and associations with Loans Actually.