Garden Tips For Summer

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Creating a beautiful garden takes planning and time. But patience is always rewarded and by creating an impressive garden, you can add real value to your property – for life.

Shape up

By cutting a clearly defined shape, you give structure and street appeal to your garden. Look at what suits the style of your home and mark out your preferred shape – perhaps a circle, oblong or square – with string before using a shovel to cut away the excess grass.

The good news is that, apart from the time it takes you, it’s a free way to get your garden in much better shape – literally.

Plant up

Filling your flowerbeds with stunning plants is rewarded with a garden that looks great – and maybe smells great too.

For a cost-effective garden transformation, choose perennials you can divide.

Talk to your local gardening centre for advice about what will work best in your area, with your neighbourhood’s climate and soil types. Choosing native plants is always a good idea but these can be mixed with some more exotic plants if you prefer – just be realistic about the level of care you’ll be able to give your garden in the long-term, so you can select plants with care levels that match your lifestyle.

Look up

While it’s lovely to look down at garden beds brimming with life and colour, it’s just as lovely to look up into the foliage of a beautiful tree. Patience, remember? Look at your available space and do your research on the damage tree roots of some varieties can cause – after all, you don’t need the stress of sacrificing your plumbing for the sake of a bit of leafy shade.

Hanging fairy lights can be another way to add some sparkle to your view and by stringing these around your veranda or backyard pergola, you can add another dimension of prettiness to your outdoor space – perfect for keen entertainers.

Fixing up a garden doesn’t have to cost the earth. With some planning and long-term vision, you can create a wonderful outdoor space that evolves and grows with you. From paths to patios, the elements that make a great garden are personal. Whether you see the perfect garden as a rambling space filled with home-grown veggies or a meticulously maintained deck with outdoor kitchen and hanging pot-plants, you can make your garden a space to smile and relax – just the thing for a long hot summer ahead.

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