Living Room Design Trends To Watch

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Your living room should be a place to settle in and relax in comfort and style. To renovate in class with the latest in living rooms trends, try these tips to create a space you’ll love.

Whether you’re buying a brand new off-the-plan property or renovating an existing home, adding some designer touches with an eye on the hottest living room trends in 2017 will help you put together a space that’s as welcoming as it is stylish.

Today’s lifestyle is all about friendly informality, with open-plan living that encourages flow from room to room. And at the heart of it all is your living room.

When it comes to low-maintenance flooring solutions, think polished concrete floors, or wide floorboards, and add a touch of warehouse-style with vast expanses of glass.

Decluttering is about clean, sleek lines and the furniture trend that doesn’t seem to be going out of style in a hurry is the Scandi look.

Colour choice matters

Neutral, calming tones work brilliantly – think oak floorboards and choose watery pastel touches for artwork and accent cushions to complement the style and add some colour.

Of course, if bright and bold is more your move, you’ll be just as on-trend with a luxe look of jewel-coloured velvets and sumptuous soft furnishings.

Burnt orange is a colour to watch and deep mint and pink also work well (two colours that work just as well in pale pastel for the more minimalist look mentioned above).

Metallic bling is another great way to reflect the latest living room trends. Add it via some cushions or sparkly throws but make sure you don’t sacrifice comfort in the name of style – your living room is your space to enjoy, after all.

Fine furniture

If calming uncluttered spaces are your idea of the perfect living room, then Scandi or Japandi-style furniture make for a fine foundation. But if you are not afraid to stand out from the pack, another trend in living room looks is all about luxe and the way to show this in furniture is with accent cushions in dark, dazzling colours, with texture you’ll love to touch. Artwork is an easy way to show your taste for trends without making a huge investment in all aspects of your interior design, or think about adding a rug to suit, as a nod to what’s hot right now.

True style is timeless

Following interior design trends to the letter is a sure way to date your property’s look and if you’re considering putting it on the market sometime soon, that can be a big-no-no. For walls and cabinetry, stick to neutrals for the ideal backdrop. Black, white and grey are all timeless and make adding a personal touch of seasonal, on-trend colour effortless and inexpensive.

True style never goes out of fashion and for interior design that won’t date, choose earthy neutral tones and have fun with texture for some added pop. Wheatgrass wallpapers are a stylish addition to any space and this can be contrasted with use of seasonal, on-trend colours in smaller items that can be shifted around and refreshed as time moves on.

The use of block colours is a smart way to define spaces and create separate areas within your open-plan living zones.

Comfort = Happiness

Remember, although beautiful interior design definitely does turn a house into a home, don’t let slavishly following trends take over from what your living room should really be – a place for pure comfort and enjoyment. Designer touches can be added with a firm nod to the latest interior design trends but sacrificing style over comfort diminishes the purpose of truly great interior styling.  With a room that feels as good as it looks, you’ll spend many happy moments – the best possible use for a great living room in real style.

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