Higher Commissions

Loans Actually has negotiated a superior commission structure for our members and, as a result, you will have the opportunity of sharing in far greater financial rewards.

PLAN Australia currently enjoys access to top tier commission payments from the lenders.

Commissions for the Life of the Loan

Commission is payable for the life of the loan, subject to conditions in the Loans Actually Membership Agreement, and the banks continuing to pay us. Commissions are paid through an independent trustee further protecting our broker’s financial interests.

Alliance Agreements

We continue to develop our alliance agreements providing additional financial recompense to our brokers for referrals for complex loan, Insurance, Investment and Real Property. Products available through these alliance partners include, but are not limited to:

Personal Loans Equipment Finance
Commercial Loans Deposit Bonds
Life Risk Insurance Trauma and Disability Insurance Superannuation Managed
Funds Investments
Real Property Financial Planning
General insurance products Income Protection

The broker is able to offer a “one stop shop” through our respected alliance partners.

Comprehensive Lending Panel

We have access to a comprehensive lender panel extending beyond those accredited with PLAN Australia.


You will receive on-going product, procedural and compliance training under the guidance of Loans Actually. Due to our reputation in the industry and the size of our group, many of these sessions will be held at the offices convenient to the majority of our members, not just in inner city offices.

Guidance and Up-To-Date Information

We want our brokers to have a say in their business. Loans Actually will guide and provide up to date and relevant industry information, but in the end, it will remain the broker.s business. They will retain their own identity under the banner of Loans Actually.

Commission Splits

Commission splitting to your referral sources . saves your time and provides automatic payments to reference sources. Rather than forwarding invoices and calculating commissions, we offer access to PLAN Australia.s commission split facility. When you enter into a formal referral arrangement, you complete a simple document that will authorise the commission trustee to pay any commissions due to the respective entities. One commission payment can be split up to 10 times if the need arises.

Business Cards

Loans Actually will cover the cost of your first 250 Business Cards. We have established an arrangement with a respected printer to provide assistance with the design and production of these cards, which must have copies of Loans Actually & MFAA logos.

Back Office Support

Loans Actually offers the option of reducing some of your back office processing responsibilities. We have experienced staff available to take control of your files from lodgement through to settlement, leaving you the time to concentrate on your all important sales and marketing activities.

A handling fee applies to each loan file processed.

Interview Offices

We understand that brokers will often have to travel outside their normal areas. Loans Actually offer the use of limited interview offices within our premises for these occasions. These must, of course, be made under appointment with the Loans Actually administration.

Industry Leading Software

We provide access to industry leading mortgage software through our agreement with PLAN Australia. The software contains access to useful sales tools, including interest rates, comparators, lender guides and news. It also contains easy to use Customer Relationship Model software that can be customised to suite your business. This software is constantly being developed and improved and is provided at no extra cost.

(Refer below for more extensive information on the capabilities of this software).

The benefits of PLAN Australia software and membership:

CRM Software

Database Management Software
Loan Tracking and File Management Software
Daily Loan Interest Rate Updates
Loan Product and Fee Information
Electronic Loan Lodgement Access
Lender Instruction Guides
Paper Based Loan Application and Supplementary Forms
Loan Servicing Calculators
Loan Comparators
Daily Bank Updates
Lender Contacts (Phone, Facsimile, Email)
Commission Splits to Referral Sources Paid Weekly


PLAN Australia Introduction
Getting Started with CRM
Using The Sales Software
Working with CRM
Accreditation and Training Sessions with Lenders
Professional Development Days
Compliance Training
Professional Development Days