The principals of Loans Actually are to ensure that our brokers have the best chance of success and this means they need continued access to all the tools that will add value to their business.

Even the most experienced brokers require assistance at one time or another, whether that be through specific product information, exposure to new selling methods or merely just access to a sounding board.

At Loans Actually we will assist all our members meet these needs through our team-orientated environment.

Other less experienced brokers will require more developmental tools in areas such as:

  • Compliance
  • Product knowledge
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Loan management
  • Accreditations with banks
  • Marketing suggestions
  • CRM data and loan input
  • And many others

Those requiring this additional mentoring will have access to the experience of our established members and alliance partners, in particular the staff of Lending Specialists.

Mentor Program

For the inexperienced or new to industry broker it is important to have a structure to your learning.

The Loans Actually Broker Development Program has been specifically designed as an avenue for new to industry applicants to enter the industry in a planned and structured manner.

Our program will provide plenty of practical information, activities, case studies and workshops all developed around helping you to continually improve your lending and business skills whilst establishing a profitable business with a regular income stream.

We make use of a range of Industry Accredited Mentor Program resources, complemented with our own special Loans Actually activities and experiences to deliver a series of educational modules.

As Mortgage/Finance Brokers now operate in a fully regulated environment we must adhere to strict guidelines under the watchful eye of ASIC and there are severe penalties for operating outside their guidelines. We ensure you are trained properly to work within the rules.

Before entering the industry you must hold certain educational qualifications and memberships including:

  • Certificate IV (Finance/Mortgage Broking)
  • Hold (or be studying) Diploma in Financial Services (Finance Mortgage Broking
  • Management)
  • Membership of a Dispute Resolution Body (CIO)
  • Member of an Industry Body (MFAA)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (Group Policy Discounts Available)

The beauty of the Loans Actually Broker Development Program is that we help you through the whole process from the start.

Our Loans Actually Broker Development Program runs for 24 months and you will receive complete and ongoing training which will help you to set up, develop and grow your own mortgage broking business over this 2 year period and beyond.

Loans Actually offers all our members:


Loans Actually has been built around the principles and promotion of a team environment and we encourage and assist our membership in forging friendships and relationships with other industry participants. In keeping with this team focus, we also provide regular and ongoing single and group training sessions.

We also ensure our membership is kept up to date with the latest in compliance and regulation requirements.

Under arrangement, our members also have the opportunity of participating in interview role-plays and attending real life interviews with experienced lending consultants.

Guidance and Up-To-Date Information

We want our brokers to have a say in their business and how it will be run so Loans Actually will guide and provide as much up to date and relevant industry information as required, but in the end, it will remain the broker’s business. They will retain their own identity under the support of Loans Actually.

Should the member need a sounding board for a loan scenario, a marketing idea, or just need someone to talk things over with then Loans Actually will provide access to these resources.

Back Office Support

Loans Actually offers the option of reducing some of your back office processing responsibilities.

We have experienced staff available to take control of your files from lodgement through to settlement, leaving you the time to concentrate on your all-important sales and marketing activities.

If you need help with CRM input or management, we have experienced back office staff available to help you through these issues. Additionally, under arrangement, you can sit with these staff within the Loans Actually offices and see how the processing is done under real time pressures.

We also have the capacity to assist remotely if required.