Should You Sell Your Home In Winter?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

When most people think of selling their home, they imagine a spring weekend and the hint of warmer weather that is supposed to be best at luring home-buyers to the mortgage market – thus adding fuel to the competitive fire as eager buyers push each other on to dizzying sale prices.

Reality? Yes, spring is regarded as being positive but there are also plenty of advantages to going a little against the tide of tradition and putting your own home on the property market in winter.

The truth is, of course, that homes are bought and sold in any season but with less housing stock hitting the market in the chillier months, there may just be a higher demand that still helps propel interest in what you have to offer – and that means a fast sale that delivers money to your account quicker than you might have imagined. For anyone planning on taking on a home loan to buy an even better property for yourselves, knowing you can sell yours without the stress is definitely a brilliant outcome! 


Tips For Winter Real Estate Sales

Research into seasonal selling and buying habits in the real estate market reveal that buyers looking to purchase usually have to move sooner, rather than later, whether because of a new job, a relocation to a different suburb or city, or a sudden change to their personal situation. For vendors, this means that the buyers who come through your property may be more serious and more ready to take immediate action. Good news, for sure, but it doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels when it comes to preparing your home for sale in the best possible way.


To help prepare your home for a winter sale, try these helpful tips:

Let There Be Light

Winter is a naturally gloomy time, in terms of grey skies, wet weather and cold. To entice potential buyers into falling in love with your property, presenting a cheery, cosy aesthetic that is as light-filled as possible is a great start.

Turn lights and lamps on and be sure to open all the blinds and curtains to let the natural light shine through. Making sure windows are spotlessly clean is a clever way to maximise incoming light and keeping things clean in any season is always recommended, anyway.

Keep It Cosy

Would you be interested in a cold, damp home? Of course not! Create a cosy warmth inside to help would-be buyers braving the chilly weather feel welcome and warm as soon as the enter your property.

Turn on your heating a couple of hours before the people come through to ensure the space has had enough time to warm up properly.

High and Dry

At any sign of damp and mould, potential buyers can be put off. Take the time to invest in removing any issues prior to the sales campaign and keep your home well-ventilated in the days before any property inspections. Don’t leave wet washing laying around and be sure to turn dripping taps firmly off. For a positive first impression, have a front door mat that visitors can wipe muddy feet on and create a place for browsers to leave wet coats and umbrellas before entering.

Embrace the Winter

Winter style can be a beautiful thing and by embracing the positives that the colder months bring, you can create a stunning space – complete with a welcoming fire, or touchable knitted throws on couches and beds.

Cleaning up your garden is another must-do, especially if muddy areas are not looking their best in wetter months.

With the right approach and planning, selling your home in winter can be very successful.

After all, why wait until there are even more houses on the market to list yours when standing out from the competition could help you achieve the best possible sales result.

To find out more about selling or buying your own dream property in winter, talk to one of our loan specialists at Loans Actually.

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