Broker Proposition

Coaching & Mentoring

We deliver plenty of one-on-one and group coaching, interactive training and mastermind sessions all with the view of developing our members personal and business skills.

Our goal is to meet the individual and group needs of our membership, working with them to take their businesses to the next level.

The unique relationship of our Mentoring and Coaching Programs together with Loans Actually’s ongoing training and development days, supported by our Professional Business Coach ensures we retain an elevated status in the industry.

Broker Proposition

Loan Support

Our team of skilled mortgage brokers are available to assist our members with advice on structuring complex loans, guidance on where to research and input of data. We also assist with workshopping deals in conjunction with lender BDMs

No question is considered out of place and you will be treated as a family member of our group.

Broker Proposition

Strategic Partnerships

We continue to look for opportunities to expand our network and grow our partnerships with other industry professionals who can provide additional financial recompense to our brokers for referrals for complex loan, Insurance, Investment and Real Property.

Broker Proposition

Back Office Support Service

Once your business starts to deliver results you may find it worthwhile looking at outsourcing your loan
processing. Loans Actually has arrangements in place with professional loan processing businesses which provide options for both limited data input and processing as well as a full end to end service.

Broker Proposition

Interview Offices

We understand that brokers will often have to travel outside their local areas to meet clients or present seminars and Loans Actually offers the use of our offices and our boardroom for these occasions.

Broker Proposition

Carry your own brand

Promote & build your own brand – not someone else’s. Loans Actually does not ask you to trade under our name, you build a business under your own brand which offers the opportunity to create a valuable and saleable business asset.

Broker Proposition

Business Planning

Strong planning is the best way to ensure you have a structure in place which allows for fine-tuning as the business matures. A sensible business plan that you can refer to on a regular basis is essential for a successful business and can be used to develop strategies to grow your business. Our Business Coach will also work with you to keep you on track.

Broker Proposition

No defined boundaries

Our members are authorised to operate throughout Australia, and with acceptable overseas based clients. There are no distance or cultural boundaries.